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DIY Building a Birdhouse Kit

Learn about birds and wildlife Work on fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination Foster creativity Learn engineering principles Wildlife specially birds teach us so many things about nature and the importance of wildlife conservation. Many science curriculums dedicate hours to study nature and bird immigration patterns so much so that we created hobbies around these...


Benefits Of Chutes And Ladders

Engages motor skills Encourages perception skills Practices basic math Promotes social play The classic game of Chutes and Ladders is a simple board game that engages children in social play to compete for a win. This can introduce children to the refinement of basic motor skills alongside the use of perception. Basic math is also...


Help Little Crocodile

Foster logical thinking and reasoning skills Boost problem-solving and strategic thinking Exercise hand-eye coordination Improve observational skills It is always fun to challenge your brain with a puzzle. They are a good way to keep the mind active and occupied for a period of time. Stimulating a person’s cognitive skills. Logical puzzles are entertaining and...



Develop strategic and tactical thinking Build social skills Foster creativity Learn about animal and geography ZOORegatta is three games in one that help children learn through playing. Educators and parents can make learning fun and challenging by using board games such as ZOORegatta as educational tools. Like many other board games, ZOORegatta helps children learn...


Alphabet Island

Foster letter recognition Build vocabulary Practice matching skills While playing games, everyone can take the opportunity to learn and have some fun. Fundamentally games are hands-on learning tools that parents and educators use to keep children engaged and participating in class. They are a great tool for children comprehend concepts and put them into practice....


Digging’ Dino Bones

Learn about dinosaurs Work on teamwork Enhance memory skills and thinking skills Dinosaurs are fascinating creatures to the curious mind. Many children like these prehistoric animals, therefor they are great hands-on learning tools to captivate a child’s attention. Parents and educators use dinosaur toys and games to engage children in learning. There are many activities...


Plugo STEM Pack

Enhances math skills Practice spelling and grammar Develop problem solving Exercise fine motor skills It is important for young children to be fully engaged in class. Working with their hands helps them contrate and retain information however, a child interest has shifted to playing with laptops and computers. Plugo STEM Pack is one of the...


Tumbling Cake

Develop fine and gross motor skills Improve hand-eye coordination and dexterity Foster decision making skills Boost social skills In early development, sorting, matching, and stacking games play a role in learning. Stacking games and activities, for example, help develop gross and fine motor skills in young children. While playing these types of games, players need...