I Spy Dig In Game

The I Spy Dig in Game introduces children into a world on observation, patience and thinking when having to find specific items in a bowl filled with dozens of objects and items. These practices feature memorization, perception, problem solving while using cognitive thinking as a main feature.

Having to look at a sea of figures in the playing bowl to find a set number of objects can involve a lot of cognitive thought which can help memorization skills. It allows for children to learn to follow patterns to find what is needed while remembering what they must find in the first place. Little details of each thing are required to be remembered to easily spot each one within the game. With a game like this which has a simple set of rules, it teaches details in basic problem solving through observation.

Children can learn through there perceptive abilities to identify new objects and items, the use of colors, shapes and sizes helps teach how different objects can be labeled with different names, giving the chance to learn about a whole world of objects that are new. Outside of playing with this game, these skills can be easily applied in real life when finding a lost object or when having to identify different themes at school. All these fundamentals create a healthy environment for learning.