Little Tikes Real Wooden Train Table Set

  • Develop fine and gross motor skills
  • Foster problem solving
  • Promotes creativity and imagination
  • Builds social skills and communication

All aboard the train to the learning station. Train Tables Sets are wonderful toys that can serve as learning tools to help children recognize and understand various concepts such as counting and vocabulary. Like many other hands-on learning tools, train sets and similar toys are entertaining and foster children’s cognitive skills. During playtime, parents and educators can use these types of toys for problem solving exercises promoting children to think as they play. Developing a child’s problem-solving skills, they get to build train tracks and set train schedules to move the trains on the Train Table Set. Practicing real life problems helps the child with early learning and gives them a head start in school.

Train Sets and other similar toys are a fun way to keep the child active. Building the city and rail way system in Train Table Sets can bring hours of fun. More important, children develop their fine and gross motor skills as they play. Setting the tracks, buildings, and town people on the table exercises a child’s hand-eye coordination. Moving the trains manually on the train tracks helps their dexterity. All these exercises aid their fine motor skills and spatial awareness. It is a fun way to strength their grab and control hand movements which are essential for a child when they start writing and typing.

Furthermore, toys such as Train Table Sets transport every player to the town of their choice. Fostering everyone’s imagination, the players pretend play they are in a world of their own creation where trains run around everyday bringing them all types of goods and passengers. Children get to be creative and go on different adventures. They can run different scenarios and play out stories they created. Expanding their imagination, a young child designs train rails and transportation system while practicing storytelling. Having fun changing and moving the trains around exploring all the possibilities. Promoting a child to always think outside the box.

Lastly, Train Table Sets and other toys alike assists children’s communication skills. Learning train terminology children practice saying phrases and sentences as they describe what they are doing as they play. Narrating their storylines, they are developing sequencing skills which are important for understanding time and syntax. Also, when there are other players using the Train Table Set it helps builds a child’s social skills. Practicing social etiquette and sharing. Parents and educators can use these toys to teach children how to interact with one another. Enjoying the time spent playing and learning, Train Table Set and similar toys are fun activity to do anytime of the day.